Monitof Anti-phishing Solution

Threat Monitof

How Monitof Works

the whole Internet.
All domain name registrations for 1500+ domain extensions.
All SSL certificates issuing.
All DNS changes.
Social media.
Search engines.
Mobile app stores.
and more...
any threats.
Smart detection algorithms.Homoglyph, lookalike, typos, confusable and more.
Domain name language detection.
Full IDN Support.
Content check.
ML powered risk scoring.
your business.
Worldwide partnerships for a quick takedown
Country Certs & ISPs.
Domain registrars.
Hosting & DNS Providers.
Google Safe Browsing.
Anti-phishing Databases.

Advanced Monitoring and Threat Profiling

For each threat, continuous monitoring for Whois, DNS, SSL, Hosting, Website Content, Search Engines and Social Media. Historical records, subdomain extraction, URL discovery, source code analysis.
Threat Detail
Threat Detail
Threat Detail
Threat Detail
Threat Detail
Threat Detail
Advanced Reports
Weekly & Monthly reports,
enriched with graphs.
Easy Integration
API for automation and integration with
SIEMs, TIPs, other security systems.
Powerful Tools
Search in 350 million domain names,
live & historical whois, DNS, SSL, website screenshot.
Smart Alerts
SMS, e-mail, push notification, API.
Multiple Modes
Manual Mode: You decide what action should be taken, when.
Automatic Mode: Our ML-powered engine takes care of everything.

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